Our Approach

At Crosswaters, we believe the key to a beneficial relationship begins with listening carefully to each client.

We actively listen to you, to truly learn and understand your current circumstances, as well as your aspirations and ambition for the future.

What We Do

Legacy Planning

We’re retirement planning specialists, so we help people think ahead and prepare financially for that next phase of their lives. And if they’re already retired, we help them optimize their retirement income and create a plan for their legacy.

Education and Care

We’re very sensitive to family dynamics, appreciating the direct and subtle ways that any financial decision might impact the needs and goals of loved ones. We count extended, multi-generational families among our clients, and we’ve been able to address and help educate each new generation.

The Best Outcomes For Your Organization

We also work with business owners who have the added complexity of managing the overlap of their personal wealth and company financial issues. We help them prepare for liquidity events which are often complicated transactions.

Solutions Focused Around You

In every case, our approach to serving our clients always focuses on simplifying and clarifying your situation, your options, and ultimately your decisions. We carefully and patiently communicate everything you need to know about the challenges and opportunities you face.

We differentiate our service with proven capabilities, continual communication, and a level of client service that demonstrates how much we appreciate your relationship.

We see you as an individual and listen to you as a person. This allows us to build a custom plan that aligns with your values and dreams.


A Message from
Eric White

After spending nearly 29 years at one company, I am proud to announce the launch of my own independent wealth management firm, Crosswaters Wealth Management. Our entire team is extremely excited to be joining me as we take this step together. It has long been my dream to create a firm that is guided by the core foundation of always putting our clients’ interests first. This would be an opportunity to develop a company that aligns with my values – one that focuses solely on delivering advice and solutions that are not conditioned to corporate interests or quarterly results. The sole mission of Crosswaters is to prepare and position you and your family for the financial freedom you desire.

I spent countless hours reviewing and analyzing potential partners who could deliver a world-class planning and investment platform —and had a proven track record of securing clients’ assets. This process brought Crosswaters to Sanctuary Wealth and BNY Mellon | Pershing – two outstanding firms whose capabilities and culture made them the right fit for us. Pershing is an industry leader in clearing and custody services and is owned by BNY Mellon, which is the longest standing operating bank in the U.S., surpassing 235 years. BNY Mellon is the largest custodian in the world by a significant margin.

Crosswaters is one of the more than fifty independent firms that make up the Sanctuary Wealth family. Through Sanctuary’s platform, we will have comprehensive investment solutions, a vast network of resources, best-in-class technology and thought leadership, as well as opportunities to collaborate with other partner firms, expanding our access to innovative ideas and investment vehicles.

Becoming an independent advisor creates the flexibility to provide unique solutions and ideas while maintaining the highest fiduciary standards. My career path has uniquely prepared me for this evolution to independence, and I will focus all of my attention to helping our clients pursue their goals. We look forward in working together with you at Crosswaters Wealth Management.

Eric White
Chief Executive Officer, Founder, Wealth Management Advisor


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